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Our Process


Vina Choob Company, in order to design its manufacturing furniture after checking recent markets models, in consideration with styles and cultures of different people, then by utilizing well-experienced designers is bringing a new and modern design into the market. It has always attempted to produce a unique design inspired by a specific purpose and compatible [...]
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Wood and Coil

The wood consumption of Vina Choob Company is entirely from the beech species, and the reason for using beech wood is its high strength and resistance to insects and funguses; as well, beech wood has a revolving texture that in the coloring section manifesting itself as nice-looking. Raw coil fabrication has fulfilled all the necessary [...]
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Vina Choob Company pays very special attention to the discussion of paintwork which is one of the most important parts of furniture's production, and in two parts consumables, the way of spraying of the paint, and its substructures. Using world-class quality paints such as polyurethane from Italy and Turkey (of course, depending on the customer's [...]
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The other important part of furniture production is the upholstery, in which Vina Choob Company uses very high quality and standard raw materials, such as cold forms. In addition to the use of first springs, which prevent the mattress from lying down and increase its life. It has also used highly professional and experienced craftsmen [...]
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Background and expertise

Vina Choob Company has more than thirty years of experience and expertise in the field of design and execution of wooden products with a professional technical team

Awards Winning

There are loyal customers in Vina Choob Customer Club, who enjoy valuable prizes and discounts.

Free Consultation

Vina Choob Consulting Team will guide you in buying and ordering the best products for free.

Reasonable Price

Because the design, production and execution of the decoration is done entirely by different parts of the Vina Choob collection, the final cost is very affordable.

Guaranteed Works

Vina Choob's long history and portfolio and trustworthy trends reflect the product warranty

24 / 7 Support

In 7 days a week, 24 hours a week, Vina Choob Support Team is ready to meet the needs and solve the problems of the customers.